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Coated Groundwood

Is there some text we can put here anything like: Coated paper that is made up of 10% to 75% mechanical (groundwood) pulp.  Coated groundwood (or mechanical) papers are the highest quality and highest cost groundwood printing paper. There are several types of coated groundwood, ranging in weight from “ultra-lightweight” No. 5 coated at a basis weight of around 26 lb/3,300 ft2, up through lightweight coated grades that have basis weights mainly in the 30 to 45 lb/3,300 ft2 lb range. Heavier weight No. 4 coated groundwood papers have basis weights of up to 70 lb/3,300 ft2 or even higher. A wide variety of grades are available for the printer or designer to choose from, and each grade competes against the others based on price and quality

Horizon Paper Offers:

  • Burgo
  • Catalyst
  • Evergreen
  • FutureMark
  • Kruger
  • New Page
  • Resolute
  • Stora Enso
  • Twin Rivers
  • UPM
  • Verso