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Our Strategic Approach

 Our Strategic Approach

Market Intelligence: We provide unbiased analysis of the paper markets from a domestic and international perspective. This is communicated openly and frequently with our customer and mill base.

Mill selection: Many variables are considered in the initial recommendation of a strategic long-term mill for a particular customer. These include, but are not limited to: manufacturing flexibility, product selection, financial strength, geographic location, etc. We only develop partnerships that are sustainable – giving you long-term value.

Pricing Models: We feel it’s critical that once the right mill has been selected for the right customer, that a long-term pricing formula be developed that reflects the true developments of an ever-changing market, capturing value for both the customer and the mill. Shorter term pricing models are an option, if strategic analysis warrants.

Contractual commitments: These are frequently recommended and are negotiated to provide minimum tonnage guarantees with the appropriate growth and grade flexibility clauses.

We know the paper business, the market and the process. Horizon Paper helps customers become more efficient and productive.