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Account Management

Account Management

Order Management and Reporting

Forecasting and planning are the foundation of every order placed. All shipments are tracked and coordinated for on-time delivery.

Inventory Management

All orders are tracked through the printing process and a usage and balance report is generated. Inventory levels are then checked and adjusted to meet the customer’s needs.

Reduce Paper Waste

Usage report is generated to check actual usage by the printer against contractual agreements. We track paper consumption without added burden to your Production Department.

Quality Management

All orders are checked to confirm that the product shipped is in strict compliance with agreed technical specifications.

Claim Handling

Full responsibility is taken to process any transit or quality claim in a timely manner.

Control of Paper Relationship

Optimize supply by identifying your business needs specifically to the mill partner.

World Class Paper Management and Analytical Services

Every aspect of the paper buying process is expertly managed, by experienced sales and customer service professionals.

We know the paper business, the market and the process. Horizon Paper helps customers become more efficient and productive.